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Upload Instructions:

Simply go to wetransfer.com or plustransfer.com and email keyfootagestudios@gmail.com your photos for editing.

Please be sure to "send from" the same email used for payment.


Frequently asked questions

Is It Possible To Get Photos Back Quicker?

At the moment, we cannot guarantee a shorter turn around time than our 72 hour guarantee.

What Happens If We Take Longer than 72 Hours

100% Refund + Your Photo Edits!

Can you do special effects and graphic design to the photos?

No, we clean skin and backdrops and give a solid retouched image, we do not offer any form of graphic design.

What file type do I send?

We recommend any RAW file type. No cell phone images.

What kind of file type will I recieve?

You will recieve a high quality .JPEG or .TIFF file, your choice.

Can I cancel an order

Once your order has been placed, our team gets to work ASAP. We can cancel and refund as long as we have not started on the project.

What If My Submissions Are Unable To Be Edited

If the photos are unable to be edited by our team, based on exposure, image quality or content, we will simply refund the payment and email you with the reason.

Will You Be Posting My Photos For Promo?

We will never do that without your explicit consent