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Photography is fun- Until you have countless clients breathing down your neck looking for their edits OR clients constantly asking for a studio or even props that you don't have!

Well, we are ready to help you change that!

With a brand new concept- KeyFootage Partners.

We will help you scale your business so you don't have to worry about finding the right staff, buying and storing props, storing large files, editing, re-editing or stressing about any thing!

All you will need to do is focus on your marketing and shooting!

How It Works

Once enrolled as a partner, we will create your own bookings/packages that can be booked Directly onto our studio calendar. (Click Here to see how the money works). You do not need to offer our packages or ever mention us as your partner. Nobody needs to know!

All you have to do is create a package with the package calculator below (click here) and you can basically choose exactly how much you want to make per shoot- with no effort after the shoot!

Once your shoot is booked, shot and completed, a staff member will transfer the files onto our server (you will have remote access to your folder as well). We will then process the photos (delete bad/undesirable photos), email your client for you, with instructions on how to select their photo edits, follow up if they take too long, edit the photos and provide your client with a gallery that they are able to order prints and ship the prints directly to the customer!

Overall Benefits

  • Almost all props will be available for free to use, for all shoots at all times.

  • Save hundreds of hours a month on editing, re-editing and corresponding with clients

  • Your clients will be happier knowing that they have access to so much props, all included in your package (if you choose, if not, you can upcharge and keep the profit!)

  • Prep Room for Make Up/Body Paint

  • More Freedom To Book Studio Sessions (15 min and 30 min sessions become available)

  • We will book you too! We do not staff photographers, when KeyFootage gets booked, we split the shoots amongst our Partners!

  • Free Access to our Canon 5D Mark III (Sony A7iii and Canon 5D Mark IV Coming Soon)

  • Maternity Wardrobe (Coming Soon)

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