Miami Studio

18335 NE 4TH CT



Room 1



3 Strobe Lights + Trigger

Changing Room + Vanity

6 Back Drop Colors


Room 2



18ft Wide x 9ft Deep Infinity Wall

3 Strobe Lights + Trigger

Changing Room + Vanity

Black Vintage Wall

Pink Vintage Wall

Grass Wall




This is perfect for larger groups who want to be as creative as possible!

Please Note:

Our Miami Location is not recommended for video productions - Sets Are Not Sized For Full Body Video. Only Mid and Tight Shots will be achievable for video!


Add Ons

Free - $50





Throne Chairs

Prop Money/Money Gun



Frequently asked questions

Will Somebody Be There To Help Me?

Yes, we help set up your camera settings, position lights and change backdrops for you.

How Many Backdrops Can I Use?

As much as you need! Please keep in mind, changing backdrops, props, and lighting set ups take time and count towards your session time.

What If I Finish Early?

Unfortunately we cannot credit or offer any form of refund for finishing early. Once the space is booked for a rental, the calendar time is blocked from being booked by other clients. If you booked less time than you actually need, you can extend your session, as long as the time is available.

How Do The Lights Connect To My Camera?

We use a wireless trigger system that lets you adjust the power and take photos with our lights wirelessly. Please keep the following in mind: -Entry Level Cameras may not work with a wireless trigger system. -Mirrorless cameras have an option in the meny (typically called Exposure Simultion or Settings Effect) that needs to be turned off to use any studio strobelights, anywhere.

Can I Pay For Props When I Get There?


What Are Your Terms/Rescheduling/Cancelation Policy?

-I understand that this is a photo studio rental. Video production is strictly limited to BTS coverage.
-I understand that this rental includes atleast lights, backdrops, modifiers & *NO CAMERA OR PHOTOGRAPHER*
-I understand that bookings on calendar for 24 hours or more cannot be refunded. Booking can only be rescheduled.FEE BELOW.
--There is $25 fee (+5 per hour) which must be paid when new date is selected
--Example: 1 Hour Rental Reschedule Fee: $25. 3 Hour Rental Reschedule Fee: $35
--*Same terms apply to sessions booked from bulk packages. Time is not credited back to your package* -No refunds within 48 hours of session.
--Example: If a session is booked On Monday For Wednesday and you decide to cancel within your 24 hour window but you are also in the 48 hour window. No refund will be given. Can only be rescheduled.
--There is $25 fee (+5 per hour) which must be paid when new date is selected
--Example: 1 Hour Rental Reschedule Fee: $25. 3 Hour Rental Reschedule Fee: $35 -Balances are due upon arrival. IF YOU FINISH EARLY, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for time paid, because once time is blocked out for your session, we are unable to rent out the time for anyone else. -If your shoot involves 10 or more people, you will be automatically charged the $25 fee if you have not already checked the add-on box on when booking, same goes for glitter shoots**
-Excessive Oil use may incur a fee of $25 if damage or large stains are left on backdrop -YOU (the individual/company) ARE RESPONSIBLE for any damaged, broken, stolen items. i(Lights, large backdrops tears, strobe light trigger) - Card on file will be charged for damaged equipment.